Sembarc are developing a wide range of OTN IP. Sembarc’s Goliath family of IP implements framing, FEC, and mapping between Ethernet and ODU0/ODU1/ODU2/ODU3/ODU4 OTN frames. By initially targeting FPGAs Sembarc is able to rapidly incorporate changes in the OTN standards.

As well as standard GFEC offerings at 10G/40G/100G, Sembarc┬áis developing the ‘strong’ OTN FEC codes that are expected to be required for 100G Line interfaces.

From its foundations up the entire Goliath family of  IP is structured such that it can be readily retargeted to ASIC. The unique architecture of Goliath family of products provides maximum flexibility to enable the optimal solution for the Transponder and Muxponder applications, both at the silicon level and the system level.

The Sembarc Telecoms Transport Workbench provides our designers and customers with extensive diagnostic capabilities for verification of both function and standards compliance prior to (and in parallel with) lab testing.