Sembarc is a leading-edge telecoms design company supplying electronic engineering Intellectual Property (IP) solutions for the next generation Telecoms Transport market. The technical team within SEMBARC has decades of experience in Silicon design with EMBedded software, and telecoms system-level ARChitecture.

Based outside Belfast (U.K.), Sembarc began life in 2007 providing a variety of IP cores to Tier 1 telecoms customers. Sembarc has developed very high bandwidth G.709 OTN Framers and Mappers, together with resource-efficient, high-gain Forward Error Correction solutions. Sembarc is poised for significant growth in preparation¬†to achieve Sembarc’s goal of becoming a leading player in the demanding market of Field Programmable Standard Products for 100G ¬†Telecoms Transport applications.

Sembarc Add Value

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In the telecom Transport world the system designs are dominated by industry standards the closer one gets to the optical fibre. Sembarc has successfully developed low power, low gate count System IP solutions that are absolutely standards-based. Our unique and significant system development experience also allows us to provide Value-Added design expertise deep inside our clients’ solutions, thus providing the customization that allows our clients to differentiate their system solution, and provide a targeted value proposition to the OTN interface.